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Hey I'm Elena! 
I've made it my life mission to uplift, inspire and coach women to their greatest potential.

Having turned my life 180 degrees from the broken, abused and despondent woman of my 30's to the authentic, strong and vibrant business owner of today, I know a thing or two about transformation.

I now put my 35 years of personal development training to good work to transform the lives of other, amazing women.
Transformational Coach
About the Author,
Elena Zanfei
"This is so much easier than having to pop in to various places on SM to find my daily dose of positive focus - now it just comes to my inbox. And, I love sharing these with others now that I have such a supply of them."

Kevin Flam
"I absolutely love starting my day with these beautiful and inspiring quotes. Really sets the right tone for my day."

Angie Robin
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